Built on the same validated psychology developed for Discovery, Insights Explore is a learner-led application that creates understanding and a common language across your entire organisation.

Using a simple, four-colour model to explore personality, it immediately deepens self-awareness and helps your people to take the first steps toward personal growth and improved relationships.

How Insights Explore works.

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Recipients register for the Insights Explore app and complete a 16-frame frame evaluator

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Once completed the recipient immediately receives their Insights Explore profile which is accessible on any device

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The Explore profile describes the recipient’s personal style through the four colour energies, including strengths, weaknesses, communication styles and opposite types

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Now the recipient has a deeper understanding of self, and a greater understanding of others, the Explore profile can be shared with colleagues and managers to build stronger relationships

Key themes.

Insights Explore is a learner-led system that effortlessly spreads the power of Insights Discovery across an organisation. Explore+ builds on this learning and comes with a choice of four additional themes tailored for today’s challenges.


Wellbeing is all about being comfortable, healthy and happy. This theme helps you to make sustainable choices and set priorities that will improve your wellbeing now and in the future.

Remote working.

This theme guides you through challenges of remote working, such as keeping a healthy separation between your work and home life, and keeping focused despite distractions, all through the lens of the colour energies.


Understanding yourself and others is vital for good service. This theme helps you to make your customer interactions more successful by using your knowledge of behavioural preferences.


Ongoing learning is vital to be able to respond to change, and to gain new opportunities. This theme explores what motivates us and how our preferred colour energies impact our learning style.