We cultivate and embed a significant shift in how people see themselves and others, leading to greater self-awareness and better, more effective relationships that foster collaboration and trust, resulting in a measurable difference in their everyday team and leadership performance.


of employees are not engaged in the workplace (Gallup's State of the Global Workplace 2021 Report)

The challenge.

Behaviour is the observable end result of a person’s values, beliefs, experience and perception. Change begins when an individual acquires the tools and techniques to challenge their own mindset, attitudes and thoughts, which in turn results in a lasting change in behaviour.

Who we are

It all starts with self awareness.

Self-awareness is the key enabler of personal and professional growth, resulting in improved overall performance.

Organisations are responsible for creating a culture that allows space for all of their people to flourish.

To achieve this, it is down to managers and leaders to encourage growth mindsets and a learning culture, which is why they need the courage to be vulnerable, the skills to coach and the confidence to hold themselves and others accountable.

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And then it's all about how you use it.

At the heart of everything we do lies the world-renowned Insights Discovery model of behaviour.

This accessible and immediately applicable model shifts mindsets towards a greater understanding of self and a better appreciation of the impact our behaviour has on others.

Our team will partner with you using Insights Discovery as a springboard to embed behavioural change and develop your teams and leaders, resulting in stronger relationships and improved business performance.

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Our areas of specialism.


  • Self-awareness

  • Resilience

  • Personal Development

  • Change

  • Decision making

  • Growth mindset

Team development.

  • Hybrid team working

  • Communication

  • Meetings

  • Feedback

  • Collaboration

  • Trust

Leadership development.

  • Leadership styles

  • Psychological safety

  • Leading change

  • Mission, vision, values

  • Culture

  • Mentoring


We know that investing in people, team and leadership development results in:

<p>Improved team cohesion and collaboration</p>

Improved team cohesion and collaboration

<p>Increased levels of personal and team accountability</p>

Increased levels of personal and team accountability

<p>Increased psychological safety</p>

Increased psychological safety

<p>More honest and authentic leadership</p>

More honest and authentic leadership

<p>Improved employee engagement and motivation</p>

Improved employee engagement and motivation

<p>Greater talent retention and reduced absenteeism</p>

Greater talent retention and reduced absenteeism

<p>Enhanced levels of productivity and innovation</p>

Enhanced levels of productivity and innovation

<p>A happier and more engaged workforce</p>

A happier and more engaged workforce