Over nine million people have experienced the power of Insights Discovery so far, why don’t you join them?

Insights Discovery is an experience that changes the game for teams, leaders and organisations.

Each unique personal report is written in a relatable and meaningful way that immediately increases self-awareness, helps people understand the impact their behaviour has on others, and describes how they can best manage relationships that might previously have been challenging.

Alongside the Insights Discovery personal profile sits a simple, easy to understand and memorable four-colour-energy model. This model helps demystify elements of behavioural psychology and gives participants an understanding of the characteristics that are associated with four noticeable personality types.

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How Insights Discovery works.

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The recipient receives a link to the Insights Discovery online evaluator. This consists of 25 frames and 100 statements, it takes about 15 minutes

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The recipient attends coaching or the Personal Effectiveness introductory team workshop which challenges mindsets, raises self-awareness and positions the Insights Discovery profile

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Either with a coach, or through peer coaching in a workshop, the recipient uses the profile’s narrative, charts and graphs to better understand behaviour and how it can be changed

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The recipient then uses the learning back in the workplace, which is later reviewed by the coach or in an accountability workshop

Key Chapters.

Your Insights Discovery personal profile is created through an online 25-frame questionnaire, and starts with a Foundation chapter.

This chapter will describe your personal style, strengths, weaknesses, value to the team, communication style, potential blind spots, opposite type and suggestions for development.

The Insights Discovery personal profile doesn’t just stop there. Based on your teams’ or leaders’ needs the profile also offers the following chapters:


The Management chapter describes how an individual might manage others, how they like to be managed, and the sort of environment in which they will thrive.


The Effective Selling chapter facilitates an understanding of how an individual’s behavioural style can be adapted to better manage key client relationships.

Personal achievement.

The Personal Achievement chapter delves into learning styles, work-life balance and creativity, and helps people to address obstacles that might be blocking progress.


The Interview chapter offers the recipient some challenging questions based on their personality preference. These questions are designed to expand self-awareness, and could be used to assist career progression.

The team wheel.

When all members of a team complete a profile, the Discovery system creates a snapshot of the whole team's behavioural preferences. This can help to identify a team’s strengths, weaknesses, potential gaps, and the communication needs of everyone within it. It can also give clues to the team's culture, and where particularly challenging or beneficial relationships might occur. 

Measuring behaviour.

Along with the narrative, the Discovery profile presents the recipient with a graphical representation of their behavioural style and how they may already be adapting to others by dialling up or down on the different colour energies. 

Insights Discovery can contribute to an inclusive workplace culture, especially when accompanied by coaching, team building and leadership development. The Discovery experience creates a shared platform of awareness, allowing organisations to overcome business challenges, from frontline to boardroom.

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