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Creating a Scalable Approach for Discovery with Insights Explore.

Time and again we find that once the touchpaper of Insights Discovery has been lit in an organisation, people get super excited, and demand spreads far and wide.

Although the impact of the full Discovery profile and ongoing programme can’t easily be replaced, some organisations need a scalable ‘lite’ touch tool that;

  • Raises self-awareness
  • Helps people understand others
  • Embeds the colour language
  • Is fit for learners on the go
  • Is more cost-effective
  • Can be more learner-led
  • Appeals to the rising digital age

Thankfully, the Insights Explore cloud-based app does exactly that!

Let us explain more about Explore and Explore+ © The Insights Group Ltd, 2020. All rights reserved.

Insights Explore is a learner-led application that introduces a simple, four-colour model to explore personality. Recipients complete a 16-question survey that’s built from the validated psychology of Insights Discovery. This model is used worldwide to help people work together and improve their interpersonal skills.

Learners will be able to explore their own colour preferences within the app, taking the first step towards greater self-awareness, personal growth and improved relationships. The narrative included can be produced in English, German, French or Spanish.

By using their Insights Explore app, learners discover more about their behaviours, strengths, motivators and how they can work better with others. With relatable language and a simple interface, learners will have no trouble understanding quickly what the colours mean for them, so they can start applying the learning at work.

Business impact

Interpersonal skills are essential in business; they influence how effectively colleagues work together, how well they get on with their managers, how they lead, and how they deal with customers.

Insights Explore provides a simple and impactful way to:

  • Introduce a large, potentially unreached population of employees to the language of colour in an accessible, efficient, and cost-effective way
  • Give entry-level staff the knowledge of how to interact and communicate more effectively, along with a level of self-awareness that prepares them for future learning
  • Deliver a self-led learning experience where employees learn through self-paced, bite-sized videos within the app
    Insights Explore is an entry point for learners who want to learn more about themselves and how they show up at work. It’s ideally suited for:
  • Entry-level staff
  • Professional graduates
  • Front-line customer service
  • Shop floor staff
  • Seasonal workers
  • Apprentices
  • Students
  • Large scale initiatives or conferences

Whether used as a stand-alone learning aid, or as the first step in your learning journey, Insights Explore will help you develop your people in a practical and personal way. It has value for anyone who wants to show up well and have a positive impact.

You can expand the learning even further by purchasing from a selection of additional themes – choosing the topics most applicable to your business or the challenges your team might be facing.

Available directly in the Explore web application, each Explore+ theme contains content to help the learner develop and practise their skill set in that area. With practical tips and advice available for each skill, learners will gain the confidence to apply their learning in real workplace scenarios. The themes available include:

  • Wellbeing. Covering positive mindset, self-care, self-esteem, handling emotions, unplugging and managing stress
  • Remote working. Covering adaptability, belonging, productivity, meeting tips, influencing and motivation
  • Service. Covering relationship building, communication, adaptability, finding solutions, being you, customer challenges
  • Learning. Covering creativity, study, learning shots, mindset, critical thinking and stress.

Using the language of colour, each theme gives learners an idea of where their natural strength lies, as well as advice on how to practise stretching their skill further. Because learners can navigate through all four colour energies, they will gain a deeper understanding of both their own and others’ approaches to skill development.

Working at scale

Although the Explore app is based on a learner-led experience, we would always approach a large roll-out strategically to ensure that learners:

  • Use the language appropriately
  • Get the best experience possible through peer and manager support
  • Continue to build on the knowledge
  • Use the learning for career development
  • Engage with a learning culture
  • Actively build trusting relationships through honest conversation
  • Continue to adapt to colleagues, clients and key stakeholders appropriately
  • Maintain a positive contribute to the organisation

1. Define roles and responsibilities

The first step is to establish an in-house project team that we partner with to deliver the programme. The team should consist of:

Enablers to understand and communicate the purpose of Insights Explore and actively support the application.

Guardians who protect the use of positive language, avoid stereotyping and encourage regular use. These will be people in the business who are upskilled to embed the language and support team leaders.

Logistics experts to support the use of the online application and agree the steps required for a group of learners to receive Insights Explore.

2. Engage stakeholders

This is the point at which we position Insights Explore to a wider audience. Resources can be made available to develop understanding and purpose, and explain the what, why and how of Explore and Explore+.

3. Inspire champions

Typically, champions are in team leader, manager or supervisor roles and closest to the use of Insights Explore. Their role is to encourage use of Explore within their team’s day-to-day activities, and to call on a Guardian for help when weaving the learning into meetings, appraisals and personal development.

4. Explore the application

Step four focuses on the most important group of all – the learners receiving Insights Explore and Explore+.

Insights Explore has been designed to be a self-led learning experience so it is important to encourage your learners to take up this opportunity. Help them to bring the learning into their role and share their successes with the support of the champions.

5. Continuing the learning journey and embedding a learning culture

Throughout this process, your guardians will be supporting your champions and identifying challenges and needs. This ‘from the floor’ feedback creates the ideal opportunity to share challenges that might have gone otherwise unnoticed, allowing a more specific, streamlined approach to your teams’ onward development. This continuous improvement will also help identify talent, retain staff, improve engagement and last, but by no means least, get people working smarter together rather than harder.


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