Self-awareness and appreciating the impact we have on others is the foundation of excellent teamwork, improved communication, enhanced productivity and truly inspirational leadership.

Insights Discovery Full Circle (DFC) is a 360° feedback tool that allows the recipient to compare their self-perception against that of peers, managers and customers in an honest and safe environment.

When an organisation embarks upon a strategy of 360° feedback, they begin the process of embedding a learning culture of engagement and openness.

How DFC works.

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Participants select a diverse feedback group of up to 12 people including peers, managers, reports and customers

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The feedback group responds to an online survey that allows them to share their perception of the participant in a safe and structured way

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The participant receives their report as part of a facilitated workshop or coaching session to explore the actions they can take based on feedback

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Back in the workplace, the participant uses their action plan to build better relationships and improve productivity

Key features.

DFC is a user-friendly system that focuses on behaviour rather than skill, giving the recipient a positive, developmental experience.

Builds on Insights Discovery.

The DFC profile uses the non-confrontational language of Insights Discovery to demonstrate how different behavioural types see each other, removing any potential challenges in delivering sensitive feedback

Compares perceptions.

The DFC system compares the perception of self against all respondents and by group. This demonstrates how the recipient shows up with different people, whether they lead them or manage them as a client or key stakeholder

Expands self-awareness.

Although the individual will have already deepened self-awareness through the initial Discovery experience, DFC collects data and evidence on how others see our behaviour giving an awareness of how we might show up when around others.

Creates accountability.

DFC collects feedback from others across the organisation which requires follow-up and following through with accountable actions. This creates ownership over the feedback and should also be reviewed further down the line