Accelerate leadership performance and create agile, self-aware leaders who feel confident to surround themselves with a team that displays a variety of different behavioural styles.

Insights Discovery Transformational leadership (IDTL) encourages a whole-self philosophy and builds on the personal profile, giving the recipient a unique, personal framework of how to lead more effectively, no matter where they sit in the organisation.

The IDTL profiles uses the meaningful language of Discovery, translating it into specific leadership terms, and giving the recipient a clear direction on how they can improve their leadership performance.

How IDTL Works.

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The IDTL uses the data from the recipients Insights Discovery personal profile to ensure consistency

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The IDTL profile presents the narrative based on the Insights Discovery four manifestations of leadership and eight dimensions of leadership behaviours

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Information is presented through a framework of leading self, team and organisation, creating a self-directed learning experience

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Recipients attend coaching or group workshops to maximise the benefit of the profile's narrative

Key features.

IDTL builds a strong sense of purpose for new and established leaders, helping them to motivate and engage their teams, and to become more inclusive of different approaches.

Perfect next step in leadership development.

Using an IDTL profile in coaching or a workshop is the natural follow-on from the Discovery Personal Profile. Used effectively, it can deepen self-awareness and allow your leaders to take their skills to the next level.

Uses the language of Discovery.

The language of Discovery is unforgettable. The IDTL takes the continuously validated colour model of behaviour and shifts it into specific leadership terms, giving tangible actions for the leader to follow.

Builds psychological safety.

The IDTL profile can be used as a learner-led development profile. However, when used in a leadership team workshop with peers the non-confrontational language helps build a coaching philosophy and a safe environment of trust.

Creates a clear leadership pathway.

When a leadership team shares a non-confrontational language like Discovery and has clear personal and team development objectives, they are seen as consistent, in-tune and open to progress.