How do I get an Insights Discovery profile?

Unify partners with organisations to provide profiles for their employees as part of a programme of coaching or workshops. However, in some cases, it is possible for private individuals to arrange a profile, along with a one to one debrief with a qualified Insights Discovery practitioner. Please note that we do not provide profiles without a debrief. Please enquire for costs and details.

How do I arrange a workshop?

Although the workplace issues faced by our customers generally fall into similar themes, we find that specific challenges vary greatly. When you send us an enquiry, you will hear back from a qualified, Insights Discovery accredited Unify Partner within one working day to arrange a complimentary, no-commitment consultation. During this consultation you can confidentially share your organisation’s specific needs and start to design a bespoke programme of coaching, masterclasses or workshops to address these needs.

Why does Unify Partnership encourage a modular programme, rather than just one workshop?

When introduced to the Insights Discovery model we find that participants experience a significant shift in self-awareness. However, we also understand that this shift doesn’t necessarily underpin ongoing behavioural change. This is why we encourage a series of workshops, masterclasses and interventions to embed, hold accountable and ensure delegates achieve their desired developmental goals.

This also helps the business get maximum return on investment. Each workshop focuses on blended learning and making the material relevant and usable back in the workplace rather than being overly theoretical and abstract.

Where can Insights Discovery be applied?

The Insights Discovery colour model of behaviour is an easy-to-apply framework that helps people to become more aware of their own behavioural style and the impact they have on others.

This awareness underpins everything we do, which means we can apply the model in many different areas from professional or domestic backgrounds such as Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Relationships, Resilience, Accelerating Talent, Learning Styles, Sales, Client Relationships and Key Stakeholder Management, Coaching, Change, Decision Making, Confidence, Creativity and Innovation, Motivation, Growth Mindset, Unconscious Bias, Outplacement, Time Management, Difficult Conversations, Hybrid and Geographically Dispersed Team Working, Communication, Meetings, Feedback, Team Purpose, Accountability, Collaboration, Trust, Roles and Responsibilities, Direction, Team Assessments, Conflict, Leadership Styles, Psychological safety, Authenticity, Managing and Leading Change, Legacy, Work Life Balance, Mission, Vision, Values, Culture, Recognition and Reward, Mentoring, Risk, Inclusivity, Equity, Equality and Diversity and Recruitment (please see the following FAQ on Recruitment).

Should you use Insights Discovery in recruitment?

When used correctly, with job-specific questions and within the requirements of GDPR, Insights Discovery can be a powerful tool to use when approaching the final stages of the recruitment process and used to support a candidate’s application, not to restrain, restrict or define them in any way.

For more information on how Discovery can be used as part of the final stages of a recruitment drive please read this blog

How long does it take to complete the online questionnaire?

The Discovery questionnaire, or evaluator, consists of twenty-five frames, each containing four word pairings, so that’s a total of one hundred word pairings to consider! That might sound like a lot, but the evaluator usually only takes around fifteen minutes to complete. The question types are both ipsative (forced choice) and normative (a range). While the questions can seem a bit tricky at first, you’ll find it was worth the effort when you receive your own unique, detailed Insights Discovery Personal Profile.

How is Insights Discovery Validated?

The Insights Discovery profile evaluator and personal profiles are continuously assessed for accuracy.

Insights Discovery is recognised by the British Psychological Society and for use in the workplace as well as counselling, career guidance and general health, life and well−being. Insights Discovery has also been awarded The Occupational Test Tools Certification Mark from global quality assurance and psychological test assessors DNV GL.

For more information on how Insights Discovery is validated please read this blog.

What is Insights' approach to the Discovery model and neurodiversity?

How is the Insights Discovery Team Wheel constructed?Insights have carried out user research activities to examine their products and services, with the aim of building an inclusive and accessible offering by working with a UK charity to understand the requirements of people with varied needs.

For more information please read this blog

How is the Insights Discovery Team Wheel constructed?

The Insights Discovery Team Wheel takes the 4 colour energies and blends them into the 8 Types. The 8 Types become 16 which in turn create the 72 positions shown on the team wheel. The Team Wheel is generated by the Insights Discovery system and gives teams an overview of their personal preferences based on the data submitted when completing the profile evaluator.

Follow this link for more detail.

What languages can I complete the Insights Discovery evaluator in?

The Insights Discovery evaluator can be completed in forty different languages including English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian Latin, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

The evaluator defaults to English, please ensure you choose the correct language from the drop list before entering the evaluator.

The resulting profile is currently only available in thirty-one of the forty languages, so although you can complete the evaluator in Arabic, for example, the resulting profile is not available in Arabic so will be produced in English, or you can select from any of the available languages.

Your Unify Partner can advise on profile availability in your chosen language.

Can anyone get accredited to deliver Insights Discovery?

With the right motivation, support and intention anyone can become accredited to deliver the Insights Discovery model of behaviour. In fact, it’s a powerful piece of personal development with many benefits alongside helping people, teams and leaders learn more about themselves and others. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our accreditations team at

What does your Insights Discovery accreditation licence you to deliver?

Client Practitioner (CP) – CPs deliver Discovery solely to employees of the company within which they are also employed. They are not permitted to deliver Discovery to any external individual, company or stakeholder.

Licensed Practitioner (LP) – An LP is an independent business consultant who is accredited to facilitate and deliver Insights Discovery solutions and materials. An LP must be attached via a contractual agreement to an authorised Insights Discovery Distributor.

Distributor – A Distributor is a business entity authorised to distribute Insights Discovery materials. Unify Partnership is classed as a Distributor.

How long is the Insights Discovery accreditation and what’s the cost?

The Insights Discovery Accreditation, informally known as the IDA, is a four-day course that can be attended virtually or face-to-face, subject to availability. Either option will give you the skills and knowledge you need to deliver impactful Insights Discovery-based learning within your company and will make you eligible for discounted rates for Insights Discovery profiles. For costs please email our accreditations team at

How do you book onto the Insights Discovery accreditation?

Registration is by an online form that takes around 5 minutes to complete. Once registered you will receive an email with three actions to be completed before you attend:

• Complete a new Insights Discovery Profile – the link will be supplied by Insights.

• Watch three videos supplied by Insights, and speak to your Unify Partner to make sure you have a good level of Insights Discovery knowledge.

Any gaps in knowledge can be filled by your Unify Partner and/or by attending Insights’ standard Pre-IDA webinar.

• Book your accommodation (if required) for the duration of the accreditation; details will be provided after you have confirmed your booking.

What happens once you are accredited to deliver Insights Discovery?

• Practice Profiles – you will be invited to nominate three people to complete the evaluator and receive their own Insights Discovery Personal Profile. You will then use these to practise coaching with colleagues, potential customers or family and friends.

• In addition to resources handed out on the programme, you will also be given access to Connections, Insights’ practitioner website, where you can connect with the community of practitioners and access the latest learning materials.

• You’ll be invited to regular CPD webinars designed to enhance your learning and show you how to work with Insights Discovery in a variety of workplace situations; as well as various invitations to events such as Insights’ annual CP conferences and networking events.

• Your Unify Partner will arrange time to discuss how the course went, to help you prepare your first profile coaching conversations, and to make sure you have everything you need, including access to Unify Partnership’s extranet where you can order your first profiles and workshop materials.

• If you attended a virtual course, you will be able to access a post-IDA session designed to upskill you in face-to-face delivery at no additional cost.

I am an Insights Discovery Client Pracitioner, what happens to my licence if I leave my company?

Your Insights Discovery Client Practitioner licence is attached to you, not to the company that you work for, so can be transferred with you if you move to a new company.

Please contact to transfer your licence from one place of employment to another.

If it’s been a while since you delivered Discovery we can recommend free refresher webinars to help you get started again, or you can commission your Unify Partner to deliver alongside you for your first workshop.

Insights rules state that if your licence has been inactive or suspended for more than two years you are required to complete another IDA. However, we understand that’s a big investment and that everyone’s situation is unique, so we will work with you to ensure the most suitable outcome.

What ongoing support is available once I am accredited to deliver Insights Discovery?

Your Unify Partner will be happy to make an appointment to discuss any problems or blockers and to help you find a way to address these; or they can offer preferential rates if you’d rather hand over delivery to them or ask them to deliver alongside you. All Unify Partners have extensive experience with a broad range of individuals, teams, sectors and workplace issues.

Alongside an extensive database of resources from Insights, Unify also offer masterclasses and training on various subject matters that bring the model to life and expand how it can be used across a business.