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The following masterclasses are specifically designed for Insights Discovery Client Practitioners that are partnered with Unify.

The purpose of Unify's masterclass programme is to build a supportive network of like-minded Insights Discovery practitioners who come together to share, learn and help each other to become the best facilitators of the model they can be.

All masterclasses are free to attend, delivered virtually via Zoom and last 90 minutes.

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Facilitating an Introductory Insights Discovery workshop.

Keep your delivery fresh and hear how other practitioners approach their Discovery days...

Peer Group Coaching and Mentoring.

During this 90-minute session you will get to know fellow practitioners and be talked though an action learning framework with a twist.

Behavioural Change.

Behaviour is a deeply-rooted habit that we learn over time...


Resilience is known as the ability to bounce back from adversity… but some might describe it as being able to get out of bed in the morning...

Masterclass feedback

"Thanks for a great session yesterday, I came away with some new ways of using existing tools, food for thought and new connections."

Anthea Bull, Insights Discovery Client Practitioner, April 2023

Future Masterclasses.

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Colourful Communication.

Communication and the ability to communicate is one the greatest challenges organisations face...

The Insights Discovery Team Effectiveness model.

The Insights Discovery Team Effectiveness model helps teams identify areas of growth...

Facilitation Skills.

Facilitating a workshop requires a multitude of skills above and beyond a practitioner's licence...

Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is a psychological state that we might all suffer from on occasion...

Hybrid Working.

Working in a remote, hybrid or geographically dispersed team has become standard...

The Insights Discovery Transformational Leadership Profile.

Take your leaders to the next level through the lens of Insights Discovery...

The Insights Discovery Full Circle Profile.

Deepen self-awareness, accountability and understanding through the Discovery 360 profile...

Evaluating and Actioning Team Performance.

Unearth perceptions, align goals and bring teams together through a data driven approach...

Growth vs Fixed Mindset.

Explore Growth Mindset mentality to understand where it comes from, and how it can be developed...

Personalised support.

If you need more personalised support, your Unify Partner is there to help in anyway they can, from supporting or delivering a facilitated workshop, to coaching you or any colleagues through personal or professional development.

Contact your Unify Partner or our Helpdesk for more information.