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The Top 10 Benefits of Insights Discovery.

Research shows that the key enabler of success for teams, leaders and organisations is how well people understand themselves and others. This awareness supports the ability to connect, communicate, motivate, inspire, and ultimately work collaboratively whilst playing to strengths and getting past differences of opinion and behaviour.

Insights Discovery works so well because it creates immediate buy-in and the motivation to learn more about how we can become emotionally intelligent through self-awareness.

Here are our top 10 reasons to use Insights Discovery:

1. Simple

Although deep in its roots, the model itself is based on the premise that all human behaviour can be described through a simple four-colour methodology, making Insights Discovery easy to understand and refer back to in real situations.

2. Memorable

Using the four-colour energy model to describe behaviour makes the learning stick, and once you’ve learnt about your dominant colour and that of others you rarely forget what they mean – it stays with you and becomes part of your day-to-day narrative.

3. Accessible

The full profile is completed via a simple 25 frame evaluator that takes around 15 minutes to complete. However, when used in a workshop or part of a development programme the colours bring behaviour to life making it accessible to all levels of seniority in organisations, industries and sectors. When teams engage in this style of development, the shared experience creates deep, trusting relationships that extend back into the workplace. The Insights Discovery profiles can also be produced in 40 different languages and as it grows in popularity, people across the world of business are becoming increasingly aware of the wisdom that it imparts.

4. Validated

Insights Discovery is recognised by the British Psychological Society (BPS) for professional and domestic use. The system is tested continuously by project groups to ensure the narrative resonates with the various types according to how they’ve answered the evaluator.

5. Usable

Compared to its closest competitors, Insights Discovery doesn’t just explore self-awareness, it helps us recognise the behavioural preferences of others, giving people an immediate awareness of how and why people approach situations in the way that they do. The use of the four colours to describe behaviour creates a non-confrontational language that teams can use to deal with difficult or unproductive behaviour without it becoming personal

The colour energies and the various charts and graphs help individuals identify and appreciate what they are naturally good at, and make them aware of what they need to ‘dial-up, or down’ to be most effective in any given situation.

6. Versatile

The Insights Discovery colour model can be used to meet many people, team or leadership objectives including self-awareness, communication, leadership, personal and team development, coaching, conflict resolution, accountability, selling, work-life balance, learning styles, management, relationship management and recruitment (when used correctly).

7. Meaningful

Insights Discovery offers a greater understanding of personality types and behaviour which extends the learning out of the workplace and into personal relationships. It explains so much about why our lives have played out in the way they have, and the challenges we’ve faced along the way.

Each Discovery profile is unique, and the narrative is written in a personal and relatable way that brings the descriptions to life. Often recipients ask if they’ve been followed, or whether friends, family members and colleagues have contributed to the feedback!

8. Communicates

Just being self-aware isn’t enough to stimulate high performance, people need to do something with that knowledge. The Insights colour energies help people improve the way they communicate with others, and importantly how they make sense of what others mean. Without this knowledge, ambiguity reigns and miscommunication stifles productivity.

9. Promotes buy-in

As mentioned previously, and although expected by employers, developing self-awareness goes above and beyond the day job. Insights Discovery speaks to the recipient and makes sense of the everyday issues between people we face that cause so much frustration. When someone learns about Insights Discovery, they feel personally invested-in beyond their job. and we find a true motivation through curiosity surfaces.

When teams come together with the knowledge of Insights Discovery, and the appreciation of different colour energies flourishes, trust is deepened and accountability over the impact our behaviour has on others increases.

10. ROI

The return on investment of using Insights Discovery is vast when used correctly, and the benefits aren’t just about efficiency and bottom-line productivity. Using the model across a business creates an outstanding experience for employees who will talk about the learning for the rest of their careers. A recent report from the ROI Institute demonstrated that job-search company Indeed experienced a whopping 2063% ROI from their use of Insights Discovery.

There are however many moving parts to achieving this and no magic wand to make it happen. It requires motivation, discipline and effort from the individual. The process challenges the way we see ourselves and the world around us which can be uncomfortable, and push us into a state of vulnerability.

Although job descriptions always include requirements like ‘must be able to work in a team’, or, ‘good at communicating, motivating and inspiring others’ the continuous self-development that requires is tough for organisations to drive. It helps if the experience they offer is personally meaningful and value-adding in a context that is wider than just the workplace so that people appreciate the benefits to them as well as their place of work.

What is self-awareness?.

Self-awareness refers to the capacity to introspectively understand oneself, including one's thoughts, feelings, beliefs, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, and the impact of one's actions on oneself and others. It involves the ability to recognise and comprehend one's own emotions, desires, and tendencies, as well as to appreciate how those internal factors influence behaviour and our interaction with the external world.

Now, the above is a lot to bite off, but we need to start somewhere and there’s no better place to start building self-awareness than with a greater understanding of personality, which is where Insights Discovery and the Insights Discovery colour energies come into their own.

The Insights Discovery model of behaviour.

The Insights Discovery colour model of behaviour is based on the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. Carl Jung’s theory of psychological preferences became popular back in 1921 when his book, Psychological Types was first released. In 1991 Insights Discovery was born, based on the work of Jung and with the premise of making the learning simple, with an immediate impact and lasting results.

If you would like to know more about how Insights Discovery can benefit your business, drop us a note and we will happily take you through the process.

James Hampton (He/Him)

James Hampton (He/Him)


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