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Mental Health OR Brain Health. Stephen Bartlett (Diary of a CEO and Dragons Den) and Dr. Daniel Amen - an alternative perspective

The term ‘Mental Health’ is being challenged by sector specialists from psychotherapy, psychiatry, and biological and neurological backgrounds. The more research that surfaces, the stronger the evidence becomes that our mental health is heavily related to our biological, physiological and neurological well-being.

In this recent Podcast, Stephen Bartlett (Diary of a CEO and Dragons’ Den) interviews Dr Daniel Amen, a celebrity therapist who has spent over four decades studying mental and brain health and has scanned the brains of over 230,000 people in search of answers.

Along with many brain, relationship and health-related ideas, Dr Amen offers a theory that the way we’re looking at and treating mental health could be making it even worse.

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Watch out for tomorrow's Mental Health Awareness Week post which is something to keep in your back pocket!

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