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Monday's Post.

Stress and the Discovery Colour Energies

It is Mental Health Awareness week and to kick off our five days of useful resources, we are going to take a look at our beloved colour energies and what triggers stress for each.

Stress. We all feel it and we all need an appropriate amount of it to perform. However, when we experience, translate, or expose ourselves to stressful situations that push us over the edge, that healthy dose of stress turns into distress. That is when anxiety shifts from keeping us safe, to eating away at us.

The Insights Discovery model helps us understand behaviour - what drives it, how it’s perceived and what typically triggers stress for the dominant styles of personality.

Today's resource is a practical activity.

Take a look at these stressful triggers, and...

:rage: Which do you find stressful (they might not be from your dominant colour energy)?

:point_right: When, where or with whom do they occur?

✍ Jot down two things you can do if the situation arises, or you feel yourself going to ‘that’ place.

:brain: Keep your actions in mind and visible as you go through your week. After all, the only thing we can truly control is how we choose to respond to a situation.

#mentalhealthawareness #tohelpmyanxiety

We're in this together!

Watch out for Tuesday's post where we'll be looking into Mental Health OR Brain Health with Stephen Bartlett (Diary of a CEO and Dragons Den) and Dr. Daniel Amen - an alternative perspective

James Hampton (He/Him)

James Hampton (He/Him)


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